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Retrofit Insulation

Ask yourself, is your home drafty? Do you have lots of icicles on your roof in the winter? Is your home hot in the summer and cold in the winter?

Generally speaking, older and existing homes are less energy efficient than new construction projects.  With the rising price of energy, the costs associated with heating and cooling an older home can be exorbitant.

Upgrading, or retrofitting, your home’s existing insulation can greatly reduce your utility bills.  Whether your home had inadequate insulation to begin with or the insulation has simply deteriorated, the need to upgrade your insulation is paramount.

At Spink Insulation, we are experts in the installation of retrofit insulation in older and existing homes.  With energy rebates and tax credits available, the time is now to upgrade your insulation.

Upgrade Your Home's Existing Insulation

Retrofit insulation is easier than it sounds.  We don’t need to remove existing walls in order to upgrade your home’s insulation.  During a retrofit insulation project, we will unobtrusively drill small openings or plugs into your home’s existing structure, completely filling the entire cavity with blown or sprayed in insulation, effectively sealing even the tiniest crack or crevice.

Reduce Your Heating & Cooling Expenses

The majority of heat loss is a direct result of poor or inadequate insulation, especially in older homes.  Upgrading your home’s existing insulation will improve R-values, reduce air infiltration, and increase the energy efficiency of your home, greatly reducing your heating and cooling expenditures.

With federal tax credits and energy rebates available for retrofit insulation projects, now is the time to improve your home’s insulation.

Your Retrofit Insulation Experts

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