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Home Energy Analysis

Home Energy Analysis Infrared Thermography

In order to determine how efficient your home is, we must first determine how it breathes. At Spink Insulation we use a variety of tests to determine how much energy your house uses and what improvements you should make in order to maximize your heating and cooling expenditures.

Leak & Heat Loss Analysis

During a leak and heat loss analysis, we install a blower door in your house to discover just how badly your home leaks. The analysis will reveal exactly where the leaks are and where heat is escaping, allowing us to remedy the problem areas.

Infrared Thermography

Utilizing a infrared camera, we will scan your home, detecting areas of high heat loss in your home.

REScheck Energy Analysis 

New residential constructions can be pre-approved under the Michigan Uniform Energy Code with only a blueprint.  Using the REScheck software, our technicians will determine the compliance requirements for your residential construction project.